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April 2019 Report

Below are a couple of relevant articles for Farm Management during the month of April 2019.


Apparently April showers bring May showers.  A cool, wet April continued to delay field work and planting.  We will need some dry, warm weather to get back into the field, but there is not much hope in the current forecast.  If we continued to get moisture on a regular basis, it is hard to say when we will be seeing the planters rolling again.  We also might not see the seed that is already planted want to do much with all of the cool, wet weather.  How much these delays affect the crops will depend on the length of the delay and the weather for the rest of the summer.


We continue to wait on information for the Farm Program sign up and budgets for set-aside/conservation programs.  The biggest political influence on agriculture continues to be the tariffs on Chinese goods that have suppressed prices for the last year.  Hopefully, this conflict will be resolved sometime soon, but until then the farming community will have to make do with the current situation.